Friday, November 20, 2009

Just For Fun-- OSU vs. Michigan Clip

Sorry Dr.Pipps ,and rest of class, I couldn't resist. It is Michigan week!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Here And Now

Since transferring to The University of Akron, beginning Summer Session 1 2008, I have been focused on the here and now=I AM A NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT. I had one of the most unique experiences that any individual could hope to have in life. I got to go back to a situation (OSU)that represented failure and leave that situation behind ,with memories of success ,rather than disappointment. The decision to return to school, led me to discover an academic gem, available in my own backyard=The University of Akron. After realizing there was no way I could continue to go back and forth to Columbus,I enrolled at Akron U. I have found the challenges of going back to school, with the responsibilities of everyday life, to be, at times ,easy, but also extremely difficult as well. Balancing school assignment deadlines with the ever present demands of a family is difficult. Getting up at 5:a.m. and sometimes not being able to catch a break until 9p.m. or later is difficult. What would have been more difficult, would have been to continue to not do something to improve myself. Wondering about finishing my degree, rather than taking action ,would have haunted my thoughts forever. The fact is, I stand here and now ,with a 3.760 GPA, with just 3 classes remaining and I AM SO PROUD OF WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED-Daryl Robinson


Although this post is really a continuation of the previous post entitled The Return Pt. 2, it is really the conclusion of the story part of this blog.After talking with an academic advisor at Ohio State, I decided to enroll at Ohio State for Fall Quarter 2007. I decided that this was the fastest way for me to finally do what I had been putting of for years. After the initial schock of how high the cost of college had risen, I found a way with school loans/grants to make it happen. I decided to commute to Columbus from Monday till Thurs afternoon and I would be home from Thursday until Monday morning. I had classes on Tuesday and Thursday and worked part-time during the 4 days in Columbus.It was a tough decision to leave a job that I had been on for almost 14 years,but two years later it was a move that has proven to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Despite the obvious difficulties of going back and forth to Columbus every week I had a very good quarter=far better than my previous experience. After taking my last final of the quarter and feeling very good about my performance, I realized that my back-up plan(transferring my credits to the University of Akron) would be best for me and my family. I had returned to the place of past dissappointments and effectively overcome many of my personal doubts about my past.

The Return Pt.2-Back 2 The Future

It was June 2007 and I was working in the Mens Suit Department at what is now known as Macy's. The idea of actually returning to finish my degree was now more than just a thought, it was a necessity. Although my job had been good to me, for the most part, I had risen as far as I could go in commission sales. Furniture ,was the best paying associate job, at the store level. The pay was on par with having a job with a Bachelors degree. As the economy changed so did commissions from retail sales, especially big ticket items. It was ironic, as the urge to get back to school increased ,so did all the unsolicited advice from others to return to school. I literally had 3 customers, in one day, ask me if I was interested in exploring other careers.These weren't people involved in pyramid schemes etc.,but folks that worked at legitimate companies that were interested in referring me for jobs. Once they found out that I never finished my degree, I was literally out of luck, as all possibilities required at least having a bachelors degree. I was fed up with not being in the position to advance myself, to the point that I contacted the admissions office at The Ohio State University, to inquire about the 181 credits that had been sitting in limbo for almost twenty years.

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